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Success in job search


World express training  offers  practical training –seminar  that will help you to find work faster. Our courses will help you to prepare for your return to work and with the assistance of our expert recruitment consultants you can find a new position locally.

We can teach you skills to help with your job search, such as writing a good CV, or interview technique.







Training program :

·         Job Search Tools;

·         The labor market in Georgia;

·         Employment conditions and requirements;

·         Interview questions advice;

·         Body language;

·         Etiquette and Effective Communication;

·         Effective self presentation;

·         Job Searching  Successful and unsuccessful attempts;

The training is conducted by highly qualified, invited psychologists.

Training Format:

During  the training will be provided The theoretical information about the  job search techniques (mini - lectures, presentations).

Practical work includes: Discussions, “Brainstorming”, Role-playing games, Simulation, Dramas, monologs; dialogue methods and etc.

During  The training mainly will be used  interactive teaching.

Training - Group members: 10- 16

Training Duration: 3 days

The training  is  divided into sessions: one  session lasts one and half our( 15 min. brake between sessions).

Price: 50 Gel


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