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General - Conversational - Business English



1. General English

  General English program is designed for those who wish to improve their ability to communicate in English. 

  The course aims at the presentation and practice of language for responding to social exchanges in a communicative framework at the basic level of proficiency.


  Trainees are exposed to use basic grammar and language functions to communicate accurately and appropriately about their life, work and interests in simple everyday situations.

  Course is divided in to four levels: Elementary, Intermediate, Upper intermediate and Advance levels. 


Course monthly fee :

Elementary – 100 Gel
Intermediate- 110 Gel
Upper intermediate -110 Gel
Advance- 130 Gel

Each Course length 2-3 month
Lessons 2 times in a week (lasts 2 hours, 10 min. break within).

 2. Conversational English: 


  The course is designed for those who have some knowledge in a foreign language and want to improve spoken language and communicational skills.


  Teaching is based on an active communication only in English and improves ones communicational and speaking skills.

Course length 1-2 month
Lessons 3 times in a week ( 1.30 min)
Course monthly fee : 130 Gel

3. Business English


 The Business English is to provide student with the English Language skills that would enable them to reach their personal and professional goals in the business world. 

- develop effective business writing skills;
- be familiar with the forms of business writing (letters, memos, etc);
- master important oral communication skills essential in a business environment;

Course program includes different kind of online lessons and simulations for practice.

Course length 2-3 month
Course Monthly fee 140 Gel

 Each Course program and level includes 8 online lessons for free per month.



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